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Customer Stories

Pogotla di Kapa Sawmill - It starts and ends with numbers

The growth of a sawmill from start-up status in 2009 to now supplying major hardware's across SA's Limpopo Province shows the potential that sawmilling holds and how emerging sawmillers are positively impacting SA's economy

Scierie Glory – Begin the journey

An inspiring story is emerging of an enterprising sawmiller from the DRC that encouraged her husband, family and Africa to rise above tradition and poverty and embrace opportunity for a better life.

Three Brothers, Three Fortresses

The title, a Portuguese proverb, tells of three brothers uniting against the world. The Three Brothers Business Group is an equally inspiring story of three Mozambican immigrant brothers seeking a better life in SA and uniting to build an amazing timber business success story.

Duva Timbers continues its robust growth path

Owner of Duva Timbers, 25-year-old Pieter van der Linde, sidesteps log supply shortages with the recent purchase of timber assets to close the log shortfall and ensure the sawmill’s future growth.

JRM's Passage To Success

Hectorspruit-based JRM Pallets is investing in continued growth to unlock timber opportunities in South Africa and the region.

Sawmill’s output leaps forward with Wood-Mizer Industrial

A recently commissioned Wood-Mizer Industrial sawmill line at Panbult Denne Saagmeule in Mpumalanga flexes its muscles.

Wood-Mizer Industrial breakthrough for La Provance Sawmill

A newly commissioned Wood-Mizer Industrial sawmill line at La Provance Sawmill sends the mill’s output, recovery stats and cut quality through the roof.

Trewirgie Timber Drives Successes Further

Visionary Timber Farmer Unlocks Gold from Timber

Twigg Furniture grows from farm start-up to busy workshop

An entrepreneurial farmer and son build a flourishing artisanal furniture and timberware company with a Wood-Mizer LT40, ingenuity and artistic flair.

Innovative business harnesses Wood-Mizer for growth

Pretoria-based Zanchin Timbers whose innovative business model spans sawmilling, timber sales, dry-on-spec services, and value addition, broadens its ties with...

Nu-Scotland's Drive to Increased Diversification Continues

Nu-Scotland's Drive to Increased Diversification Continues

Duva Timbers: Study money builds a successful sawmill

A young sawmiller in South Africa uses study money to start a sawmilling business instead – and it is a booming success!

Roadside Trader becomes inspired Sawmiller


True Grit Sees Botswana Sawmiller Succeed

True Grit Sees Botswana Sawmiller Succeed

Get the Wood-Mizer LT70WIDE – and cut WIDE

Now sawmillers in Africa have the answer to cut the large log sizes in Africa. See why the LT70WIDE has become a trusted sawmilling solution for sawmillers that need to cut wider.

LT70 Remote - the Next Frontier in Affordable, High Production Sawmilling

Wood-Mizer’s LT70 Remote combines the proven performance of the LT70 Series with a range of class-leading added features for an industrial sawmilling solution...

Ivorian timber processing company leads the way with Wood-Mizer

A story is emerging of how one timber processing company in Ivory Coast is building a blueprint for Africa to use its timber resources better to create more opportunities and ensure increased sustainability.

Highlands Sawmill Prospers With Wood-Mizer

Highlands Sawmill Prospers With Wood-Mizer

Building a successful business with Wood-Mizer in Ivory Coast

To get to the village of Yaou where Transchaines’ brush manufacturing division is located, you pass through Grand-Bassam.

Sawmillers in Ivory Coast Build Better Lives With Wood-Mizer.

Sawmillers in Ivory Coast Build Better Lives With Wood-Mizer.

Wood-Mizer Mirror – Sawmilling in Senegal

Wood-mizer Mirror – Sawmilling in Senegal

Zimbabwean Sawmiller Shows Way to Sawmilling Success.

Zimbabwean Sawmiller Shows Way to Sawmilling Success.

Rebuilding with Salvaged Timber After South Africa's Worst Forest Fire

In June of 2017, due to an unusually dry summer a devastating fire quickly spread engulfed the area around the village of Knysna, South Africa. The fire killed seven people and destroyed over 1,000 homes and businesses, leaving at least 10,000 citizens without a place to live. Daniel Hennessey, owner of Timber Village Furniture Manufacturers in Knysna, was among those affected by the fire.

Invest in African Timber Confidently With Wood-Mizer

Are you a successful expatriate from Africa living in Europe? Looking for investment opportunities in Africa or to start a family business back home? A Wood-Mizer sawmill can...

Wood-Mizer Resaw Expands Pallet Manufacturer’s Output Sharply

The installation of a Wood-Mizer HR500 double-head resaw at a pallet manufacturing business in South Africa’s Northern Cape province, delivers a number of benefits for the...

Wood-Mizer’s New Twin Rail LX450 Sawmill Transforms a Sawmill in South Africa

A Wood-Mizer LX450 twin rail sawmill in South Africa helps increase the company’s output more than expected.

Turning Illegally-logged Timber Into 146,000 School Desks

How the Philippines developed a plan to salvage illegally-logged timber that was left rotting after being apprehended by authorities, using the valuable timber to produce...

Zambian Mine Improves Profits Sustainably

A mining company in Zambia uses Wood-Mizer sawmills to demonstrate how mining can increase profitability while promoting environmental sustainability and economic...

New Delhi Sawmill Getting More From Their Logs in India and Africa

A sawmiller with operations both in India and Africa reports saving operational costs and improving log yield by relying on Wood-Mizer’s thin-kerf LT15 sawmill in his...

Wood-Mizer LT70 Remote Sawmill Boosts Search for Improved Efficiency

A sawmill in South Africa’s Mpumalanga province harnesses the strengths of Wood-Mizer’s semi-industrial LT70 Remote band sawmill to continue its drive for...

One LT15 Produces Timber for 50,000 Beehives in Zambia

Developed by missionary philanthropist John Enright, a co-op style honey initiative, is taking off in Zambia, and improving lives for the 10,000 individuals already involved.

Wood-Mizer Sawmill Line Unlocks Rubberwood Opportunity in Liberia

A highly productive sawmill in Liberia is using Wood-Mizer technology to turn large diameter rubberwood trees that have reached the end of their latex...

LT15 Helps Scottish Teacher Prove Viability of Traditional Woodcraft

James Thomson of Glenrothes, Scotland started Thomson Timber in 2007. Previously trained as a mechanical design engineer, he had worked in Australia and Edinburgh before returning home and taking up teaching woodworking for twenty years.

UK Farmer Uses LT20 Sawmill to Boost Profits

For the last decade, Henry Brown from the North Yorkshire Moors has successfully diversified and made Grange Farm more profitable by adding holiday cottages and timber sales to his offer, making a rural hill farm viable for his growing family.

German Logger Expands into Sawmilling With LT15

Ever since his childhood, Maik Retz always felt at home in the forest. Growing up two hours west of Berlin in a rural farming and forestry area, he knew he wanted to make forestry his career. His father started a business producing firewood and fencing material more than 40 years ago, and Maik started working in the business in 1994. Maik now operates the business with his brother and one other employee.

LT40 Sawmill Enables Pallet Production for Italian Fertilizer Company

An Italian fertilizer company incorporated a Wood-Mizer LT40 sawmill to produce pallets to suit their specific requirements, not realizing at first the various ways the sawmill would provide opportunities for further growing their profits.

Dutch Woodworker Builds Timber Frames With LT70

Dirk Jansen’s workshop is a woodworker’s paradise. If he can imagine it, he can build it, right in his own workshop with his own hands, and using his impressive...

LT15 Sparks Family Sawmilling Business in Ukraine

A young entrepreneur shares how he found a local market niche, sold his car to buy an LT15 sawmill, and has been rewarded with a successful business

LT40 Vital for UK Premium Wood Flooring Company

Silvan Floors increased profitability and have grown by establishing a self- contained flooring production led by an LT40 sawmill in their hometown of Leicestershire.

LT10 Sawmill Boosts Profits for Slovenian Sawmill

Faced with post-crisis difficulties, this Slovenian sawmill company documents their successful efforts to diversify and improve profit margins by incorporating an LT10 sawmill.

The First WM4000 Sawmill Installation in Romania

A Romanian timber company relies on the latest Wood-Mizer industrial sawmilling technology for success for many years.

Farmers Find Profits In Processing English Oak

The WM1000, which can cut logs up to 1.7m diameter in the centre, was originally designed to meet demand for a cost-effective machine to saw tropical hardwood logs in Asia and Africa, but at Copford Farm Sawmill in Sussex it is proving its worth cutting large diameter oak prized for top grade joinery as well as quarter-sawn material for furniture.

LT15 repurposes 200 year old Slavonian oak

Under the skilled hands of this master artisan from Croatia, the beauty of ancient Slavonian oak salvaged from deteriorating barns and homes is preserved for future generations.

'Smart' SLP Sawmilling Success in Kenya

The story of a company’s impressive growth in the Kenyan forestry, sawmilling and machine trading sectors is one characterised by adaptation and constant reinvention...

German Estate Revitalized With Addition of a LT20B

The LT20B sawmill was intended to solely serve their own needs, but a year later, fifty per cent of its time is taken up with sawing timbers for customers.

American Sawmill Upgrades to WM4000 Technology

By installing a Wood-Mizer WM4000 thin-kerf industrial headrig to replace their old circular sawmill, Mike and Shawn positioned Honey Grove Hardwoods, LLC on the cutting edge...

LT15 Sawmill Creates Jobs in Poorest Country of World

In the midst of poverty, with the threat of invading armies from the East in 1998, a brand new Wood-Mizer LT25 arrived at Kikongo, Congo, perched on the back of a truck.

LT15 Sawmill Maximises Spanish Walnut & Cherry

A Spanish company is accessing the full potential of their 1,300 hectare walnut and cherry plantations with the implementation of a Wood-Mizer LT15 sawmill.

Italian Family Firewood Business Boosts Profits With LT70 Sawmill

Stefano Chini has expanded the firewood business his grandfather started by adding an LT70 sawmill in order to create a better business for the future.

South Africa Pallet Company Expands With WM3500

CRS Timber Products gain extra traction with a series of mill upgrades to boost efficiency and drive product diversification.

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