Wood-Mizer is fully operational and open for business for all your sawing and wood processing needs. The forestry, timber and wood products sector is designated as an essential service by the Government of South Africa. As a proud member of this industry, Wood-Mizer and our established Dealer Network will continue to provide you with the same high-quality products and top-notch service we’re known for. For equipment, parts, blades, and service, contact us directly. We are here for you now and into the future From Forest to Final Form.
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Invest in African Timber Confidently With Wood-Mizer


After achieving successful careers in Europe, many African expats are looking for opportunities to invest back into Africa or start a family business back home to ensure their family’s future.

Wood-Mizer’s successes in Africa, our know-how, our industry-leading sawmilling equipment, our service support network that spans over 30 countries on the continent, and our proven track record of changing lives, is opening doors to investment success in Africa.


Fueling a growing Africa

Economies across Africa are flourishing. Growth rates for Africa in 2018 stand at more than double than what is expected from developed economies.

Entrepreneurs are recognising the opportunities in Africa and with access to expanding markets and valuable resources, there has never been a better time to invest than now.

Previously, high value logs were exported from Africa in raw log form, with no local manufacturing, and small profits from log exports. The majority of the income was made outside of the countries where the timber originated from.

Wood-Mizer owners are using our sawmilling equipment to produce high-value sawn timber which enables strong income streams, expansion, employment, and secure a better life for the people whilst using the forest’s natural resources more wisely.

An investment in a profitable sawmilling venture in Africa can be the venture that secures your family’s future over generations.


We know Africa

Wood-Mizer’s track-record in Africa spans more than three decades. Our Wood-Mizer Africa team comes from Africa, and we use this experience to design sawmills that are built tough for Africa.

We also use our knowledge of Africa to assist sawmillers to start and run successful sawmilling businesses.

Wood-Mizer sawmills combine affordability with the latest sawmilling technology. This makes it possible for Wood-Mizer sawmill owners to compete head-on with large sawmills by producing export quality timber with equipment that doesn’t cost a fortune to buy and maintain.

With more successful sawmilling business now standing ready to cut logs into valuable sawn timber, Africa’s timber riches can now drive our economies instead of losing logs to foreign economies that unlock the value of the log for their benefit.


We support sawmillers in Africa
Wood-Mizer also recognises that Africa deserves respect. We refuse to see the continent as a dumping ground for outdated, expensive equipment. We know that sawmills are often bought with decade’s worth of savings – therefore sawmillers in Africa deserve the best technology that money can buy, at the best possible price.

We also support the sawmiller once the machine is bought. Wood-Mizer has a dealer network that stretches over 30 countries in Africa.

Sawmillers now have access to expert and local after-sales-service centres that can assist to maintain machines, supply spares and blades, train and educate, and advise on how to grow your business into the future.

The potential investor is assured of a quality product that is simple to use, is efficient and maximizes your return on investment.

Enough reasons to partner with Wood-Mizer?

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