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BMT150 Manual Tooth Setter

ZAR 29,900.00
In stock
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Affordable & Efficient Manual Tooth Setter

The BMT150 is a manually operated tooth setter that sets two teeth at a time, increasing efficiency but remaining affordable.

  • Sets both sides of the blade without inverting
  • Designed for Affordability
Description BMT150 Manual Tooth Setter

The BMT150 is a manually operated tooth setter that sets two teeth at a time. A ratchet lever is used to advance and set both sides of the blade in one cycle, eliminating the need to invert the blade. This setter comes with a “Set Master Gauge” which allows for consistent and accurate setting. The BMT150 features adjustable tooth spacing from 6mm to 32mm (1/2" to 1-1/4") and can be used for 25mm-76mm blades (1" to 3") blades.


  • One cycle lever action
  • Blade height adjustment for 25mm-76mm (1" - 3") blades
  • Adjustable tooth spacing
  • Set master gauge included


  • Efficiently sets both sides in one cycle
  • Consistent and accurate
  • Economical bench mount
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Features BMT150 Manual Tooth Setter
Specifications BMT150 Manual Tooth Setter
Features & Operation
Tooth Set Gauge 1 Tooth Set Gauge (Separate from machine)
Blade Support 3 Support Arms with Adjustable Blade Brackets
Blade Advancement Manual Lever
Blade Widths 25 - 75 mm (1 - 3")
Dimensions & Requirements
Safety Standards CE
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