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BMS200 Eco Sharpener

ZAR 53,500.00
In stock
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Economic Bandsaw Blade Sharpener
The BMS200 blade sharpener offers smaller sawmilling businesses an economical sharpener without automatic features.
Description BMS200 Eco Sharpener

The BMS200 blade sharpener offers smaller sawmilling businesses an economical sharpener that provides professional results. 

The BMS200 uses 127mm full profile CBN grinding wheels, which come in various profiles, and are ready to sharpen out-of-the-box. The BMS200 is equipped with a 0.18 kW single phase AC motor with a speed of 2800 rpm. An oil lubrication system keeps the blade cool during grinding, and magnets attract the metal filings, cleaning the oil for reuse. The tooth pusher is adjustable for fine-tuning, as well as the blade height platform is easily adjusted to manage blades from 25mm to 50mm wide.

The BMS200 uses the same high quality components as the BMS250, but does not offer automatic shutoff when the blade is finished sharpening.

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Specifications BMS200 Eco Sharpener
Power Selections
Grinding Motor 0.18 kW (1/4 HP)
Features & Operation
Blade Support 3 Support Arms with Adjustable Blade Brackets
Oil Cleaning Method Magnet Filter
Grind Wheel Lubrication ACP-1E Oil
Wheel RPM 2800
Grinding Wheel Size 127 mm (5")
Grinding Wheel Type CBN
Adjustments Adjustments for Grind Depth, Face Grind, Blade Widths
Automatic Features Magnet Sensor Stops Sharpening when complete
Variable Speed Yes
Blade Advancement Cam-driven Tooth Pusher
Blade Widths 25 - 50mm (1" - 2")
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